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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Berry Cheesecake Pudding Salad

Berry Cheesecake Pudding Salad
(Recipe source: Gourmified)

2 small boxes of instant cheesecake pudding (white chocolate pudding also works)
1 (32 oz) container of low fat strawberry yogurt
1 (16 oz) container of light Cool-Whip
16 oz. frozen mixed berries, partially thawed
3 large fresh bananas, sliced
1 lb. fresh strawberries, sliced

Pour yogurt into a large bowl and mix in pudding (it will be kind of lumpy). Fold in the Cool-Whip (the lumps will go away as you stir it). Add all of the fruit and stir to combine. Keep refrigerated.

as seen on and copied from facebook :)

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